in spotlight at Blockchain and Digital Assets Session at WCIT 2019

WCIT 2019 – the gathering that took place on October 6-9 in Armenia’s capital represented a great meeting of minds and visionaries including representatives of companies like, Systech, Google, Yandex, TeamViewer, and many others, an article posted on Reuters website says.

An article published on Reuters referred to the WCIT’s session on "Blockchain & Digital Assets / Miseducation, Technology & the Individual” as well as Ireland-based company.

“During the conversation, speakers broke down the conjoined concepts of blockchain and digital assets that have captured the imaginations of de-centralizers the world over and dominated mainstream media coverage of the technology space. More specifically, speakers noted how the proponents of these technologies believe them to be universal; moreover, there has been no use case in which advocates of blockchain technology believe a given goal cannot be accomplished by its implementation. Yet all of this talk of promise remains largely stand today as unrealized potential,” the article says.

A Q&A session was held with Dr. Artak Tovmasyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group, who made a brief remark about helping shape the future of digital by combining a social network, marketplace and payment service in one app. Panel moderator Tim O’Regan noted, “So the future is already here!”

Mr. Nayab from Conduent expressed interest in while noting that many companies are looking to moving away from digital cash. “It’s a very exciting time; to see companies try to transition from traditional transactions. Where once they might have made transactions using a credit card rail, but actually moving the value three days later – now more and more we see a tendency toward a more real-time movement of value. There is an enormous opportunity to be had here and all of us look forward to the innovations that will take place.” is a digital network that consists of a social network (meNetwork), marketplace (meMarket), and payment service (mePay). The unique business model allows its users to communicate with each other, to surf interesting content and to get rewarded in meNetwork currency. The platform shares up to 50 percent of the advertising revenue with users.  

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