Yerevan, 02.December.2023,
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Converse Bank: People are our greatest asset


November 22 is the Banker’s day.  Converse Bank congratulates the bank employees on their professional holiday and wishes them many successes in life.  The system, in this case Converse Bank employs people who apart from being good professionals are also interesting persons.  Our story is about some of them.

Lilit Harutyunyan is the member of the Back Office Operational Group of Converse Bank.  She has been knitting dolls for more than a year.  Each dolls has specific “individuality” with its character, style and credo.  “The handwork helps think “nice” and create.  It is an appealing and beautiful world full of discoveries, positive aura and emotions.  I get relaxed there.  I share emotions and energy with my dolls, give and take, and rediscover myself,” Lilit Hovhannisyan said and added that she was happy to give the dolls to her close friends as a gift.

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Ani Nazaryan is the employee of the Dealing and Financial Market Division and is well-known for her batik works and paintings.  As she told us, today she likes to try new painting styles but in whatever style she works, she tries to convey positive mood.  “Depending on the painting material and style, it is a way to relax, express emotions and “fix” memories (travel sketching), and why not, to create beautiful and pleasant gifts for my loved ones” Ani said with a smile.

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Arsen Makaryan works with the Balance Summary Unit of the Bank.  According to his co-workers, his knowledge of Excel is immeasurable.  There has never been a case when he could not get what he wanted.  Arsen is half-joking “there are three reasons for improvement of Excel: laziness, laziness and laziness.  I cannot stand when the same thing is done for many times.  If there is a chance to make the work easier, why not take the chance?  That is why I started to think about the ways to simplify the work, and I have created and am creating systems my friends can use as well,” Arsen says and brings the example of ConvertBox Add-in for Word, which allows sharing and using in other software any data accessible for free download in the internet. 

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Lilit Gevorgyan, the employee of Converse Club has a hobby – process and make jewelry from natural and synthetic stones: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.  “Any woman strives for beauty and to look beautiful from birth.  And the jewelry is a way to accentuate the woman’s originality, beauty and individuality.  I relax when I create, and when I see how my friends and even people I don’t know appreciate my jewelry, I understand that I have created something valuable,” Lilit said.

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Vahe Gevorgyan, the Head of Risk Management Division has 2 hobbies – football and chess, he is a professional chess player.  “Chess is flexibility, the ability to predict and prevent the opponent's moves, and promotes analytical thinking, finding quick and effective solutions to problems.  I also need these skills in my work to analyze, evaluate, estimate and prevent the risks.” Vahe says.

The Bank is supervised by the CBA.

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